Voyager Tarot Readings

Wa1The Voyager Tarot readings I offer are meant to guide, encourage, nudge, and inspire you to make decisions and take actions about a concern you have. I use a variety of methods to assure that you are getting the best information to help you at the time of the reading.

I believe we each create our own destiny, our own present, and our own future. When we respond to circumstances instead of react to them, we gain control over the only parts of our lives within our control: our thoughts, emotions, actions, and sense of purpose. The thoughts we think, the choices we make, the actions we take, the interactions we create and participate in, as well as the thoughts, actions, and interactions we avoid, all contribute to the life we each live.

Not everything in life is under our control, of course. Bad and mediocre things happen to very good and very conscious people. 

Yet we can all control how we respond to our circumstances:

  • Mentally, we can manage our own thoughts so we can tell ourselves more positive stories to guide us, we can create our own visions for ourselves and our world, and we can choose to see the beauty that exists around us.
  • Emotionally, we can feel the emotions of the moment, and use these emotions to inform us, protect us, and help us so we know what to do that will best serve us when an emotion is triggered.
  • Physically, we can take appropriate actions that keep us safe, healthy, and invigorated to the best of our abilities in our circumstances.
  • Spiritually, we can align ourselves with our most creative and inspired sense of who we are and act with the wisdom we can draw on from knowing who we are.

You can make your own meaning when you're aligned with your divine nature, with what's going on in your life currently, and with what other cycles of life are prominent for you now.

I strongly encourage a Wise Inner Guide Reading to help you better understand the gifts and talents that are easiest for you to claim and use and how best to use these qualities in your career and personal life.

Other options you might want to consider:

  • A Whole Self Mandela Reading for more clarity on what's going on in all areas of your life: inner alignment, relationships, finances, career, family, spiritual connectedness. This is a 90 minute consultation and can be done either on the phone or through email correspondence.

  • Coaching to help clarify what to do next in any area of your life: relationships, finances, career, family, spiritual connectedness. These can be 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions. These can be done either on the phone or through email correspondence.

  • A complimentary QuickCoach email response to a single question. Ask one question. If you have a Voyager deck, you can draw a card and I'll respond to your draw, or I'll draw a card for you. Simply contact me and send in your question. I will respond within a day or two of receiving your question.

Contact me and we'll get started! 

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$75/30 minute phone session    $125/60 minute phone session      $200/90 minute phone session

Phone and in person sessions

email coaching is also available: contact me for more info