Suggestions for Using the Voyager Tarot Cards

The Voyager deck can be used in an infinite number of ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Turn the cards face down, choose a card, and see what that one says to you.
  • Do set readings where each card means something because of their designated placement. 
  • Draw face down cards randomly as you ask question after question.
  • Have a reading with a professional, by yourself, with family and friends, with passersby.
  • Have a reading with only one person or within a group where others offer their insights and you can determine for yourself what you resonate with.
  • Choose cards face up and let your conscious mind guide you.
  • Choose a card to use to look for synchronicities as you go about your day.
  • Use them for journaling to help you understand a problem you're trying to work out or a decision you're contemplating.
  • Use them to get a better idea of your life purpose.

In other words, the Voyager deck is meant to be played with, to be creative with. The cards are accessible, inviting and powerful.

The more you play with the cards, the more you'll find yourself getting new information, insights, and guidance.

I've been doing Voyager tarot readings with people for almost twenty years now and have done thousands of readings, and I have never found anyone who didn't experience a deeper understanding of themselves, their situation, or their concerns after interacting with the cards."Ahh, yes" and "Wow!" and "I get it!" are common responses to a reading with the Voyager cards.