Space Blessings

Transform the Energy of Your Home or Workplace with a Space Blessing

Energy from previous and present inhabitants of a space can leave residue that affects anyone who uses the space. Negative energy is especially heavy and dense and can cause people to be more negative and heavy hearted just from being in the room. Extended use of the space becomes more problematic and unhealthy.

We've all had experiences where we've been with people who are angry or depressed. We can feel their negativity, anger, grief. These dense energies get left behind in the rooms where negative energy has been expressed. These toxic energies also get stuck to the items in the room: the furniture, draperies, clothes, shoes, baskets, pictures, books, and wall art, for example. If a trauma such as a violent verbal or physical fight has occurred in a space, the negative energy left behind can be especially potent and unhealthy. 

Space Blessings can clear out this energy and leave the space ready to attract positive energy. 

Space Blessings can offer many benefits. They can help you:

  • Attract abundance
  • Increase creativity
  • Radiate vitality
  • Enjoy clarity
  • Feel protected
  • Focus better and learn more when you study in a room after a space blessing
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Nurture loving relationships
  • Heal the body and spirit
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and worry
  • Bring new levels of love, joy, and harmony into your life
  • Improve the relationships of co-habitants 

I am happy to supply references upon request. The people whose homes I have blessed have enthusiastically endorsed the process.

The Process:

  • Declutter––Tidying up can be done ahead of time, or if needed, I can guide you through this process.
  • Discuss your intentions for hoped for results.
  • Scan the Space––I check the space, whether a work cubicle, a room, or a house for information left behind by stuck energy.
  • Release stuck energy from the space.
  • Fill the space with your intentions.
  • Bless the space.


The costs will vary depending on the needs of the client, the size of the space, and the distance I would need to travel. 

Please contact me with your specific needs, and we can begin this discussion that can move you toward transforming the energy in your home or workspace into a more inviting, energized, radiant, productive, and joyful place where amazing things can happen to make your life better.

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