Major Arcana

The Voyager Tarot Brings Your Personal Archetypal Energy to Consciousness

1The twenty-two Major Arcana cards can evoke a story of great potency and relevancy because they are based on universal archetypal energy that becomes very personal when activated in an individual. When using the tarot cards, the possibility exists that you will get at, as the writer Vladimir Nabokov expresses what it means to take the journey through story, "the telling shiver of truth" about your own life. This is the area where imagination and inspiration can guide you and shape your life.

When you set yourself on a conscious journey to live a meaningful, purposeful, and empathetic life, you open yourself to the guidance and force of the mysteries at work within and without. A universe of possibilities becomes available to you. You are no longer buffeted around by these energies, and left wondering how to make sense of a life filled with paradox, uncertainty, and dichotomies. Instead, you are able to access the knowledge that these opposite energies are part of life and a huge component to understanding yourself, others, and your relationship to the world.

James Wanless, who has devoted his career to expanding consciousness through the exploration of symbols for transformation, developed the revolutionary Voyager Tarot Deck with artist Ken Knutson in 1981. They created a deck infused with images meant to stir the imagination and inspire the modern mind. The images are collages of symbols chosen to deepen your sensitivity to the energy of an individual archetype or of some aspect of one of the archetypes.

Because the Voyager deck holds the mystery, magic, and wonder of personal consciousness and its connection to the greater consciousness, what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious, anything and everything about yourself and how you fit into the world is possible to learn from the Voyager Tarot Deck.