About Betty

Betty 0541b 72dpi Web 1This is my personal blog and website. My goal is to create insightful and relevant content that you can relate to and use in your personal, artistic, and professional life. If you are struggling with life issues such as health setbacks, relationship concerns, career confusion, or how to express your creativity in a positive and productive way, then this blog and website are for you.

The focus of the material I cover is on "making intentional life choices." My mission is to help people understand how much support they can receive from their own internal archetypal energetic system and to be aware of the consequences of ignoring these archetypal energies when they show up in their lives. I use James Wanless and Ken Knutson's Voyager Tarot Deck for stunningly beautiful and profoundly expansive visual and spiritual support.

As a result, I write about personal development, intuition, creativity, and how to manage when your life feels as if it's falling apart. On occasion, I write about topics or tell stories that don't neatly fit into one of these categories. 

I post five days a week and you can sign up on my website for daily reminders. I'm available for personal consultations and I also offer workshops, programs, and books to support you in a variety of ways.

My Biography

My resume lists a litany of careers:

Research Assistant in Research and Development for Teacher Education at Stanford University
High School and College English Teacher
Elementary School and Adult Ed. Teacher
Recruiter at Intel and a few start ups in Silicon Valley
Taxpayer Service Representative for the IRS
Writer, director, and producer of musical theatrical productions for children and teens
High School and College Speech and Debate Coach and Judge

Currently, I do Creative Life Coaching

Besides having a California Life Teaching Credential, I am also a certified Master Voyager Tarot specialist, a Reiki Master, a certified creativity coach, and a certified hypnotherapist. I have also studied a variety of other esoteric modalities such as clarity breath work, intuition training, visualization training, and energy and chakra system training.

I have a Bachelor's degree in English with minors in Speech and Education and a Master's degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

I've had several short stories published and have two novels and a collection of short stories in the wings optimistically awaiting publication. 

My book, The Soul of Success: A Guide to Living a Life of Meaning, Purpose, and Abundance is available through Amazon.com and as a pdf ebook on my website and through Scribd.

My husband and I have been married since 1969 and we have two absolutely fabulous children. Our daughter is married to a wonderful man and our son recently married an amazing woman who has two darling sons.

My programs, workshops, classes, books, and individual coaching sessions are meant to guide people to make conscious decisions and to take enlightened action during both difficult times and in everyday living.

Check out my website. Contact me to let me know about yourself or to see if we would be a good fit to work together.