by betty.

What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be?

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On December 1, a GiveAway was meant to take place for subscribers to my newsletter. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post on the past two Tuesdays. To make up for this, I am going to have three GiveAways today. One to make up for the newsletters missed on December 1 and December 8, and one for today, December 15. Read to the end of this newsletter and see if you are one of the winners, and if you are, how you can receive your gift.

My apologies for not posting for the past two weeks. On Nov. 29th, a very close friend died suddenly at age 52 of a massive heart attack. Because I was asked to speak at his Memorial Celebration and because he was a very dear person in my life, I joined his family and friends in a healing, inspiration, and loving ritual in South Africa.

The card I chose for today is meant to both inspire us and to honor my friend: IV Emperor.

Emperor energy encourages us to go out in the world, to explore, to create, and to motivate others to reach their potential. The Emperor energy is that of the leader and visionary. My friend held and honored all of these energies, leaving a legacy as a well loved and challenging teacher, dynamic leader, writer of award winning literature, supportive and loving friend, and as someone who changed lives.

Legacy issues are a big part of the energy of the Emperor.

My question for you today is: What do you want your legacy to be?

Legacies come in many forms: books written, businesses developed, art created, families and communities forged through love and care, innovations designed and offered to the world.

Legacies also include values we have lived and shared with the people in our lives.

It is never either too soon or too late to reflect on your legacy. The following, taken from my book, The Soul of Success, is a possible way to get started thinking about yours:

  • Choose to either write or record a short legacy of the most important values you've chosen to live.

  • Decide on who will be the recipient of this written or recorded legacy. A large circle of family and friends? One very special person? A few specific people in your life such as your children or your closest friends? A wider audience of people you interact with socially or professionally?

  • Use a format that's easy and comfortable for you: a series of poems, a short compilation of essays or letters with each one meant for a specifically named individual, a straightforward speech, a musical version, a slide show or collage with explanations included, or any other form you might choose.

A powerful written or oral legacy will cover what you value, what motivated you, what convictions led to very specific actions, and what hopes and dreams drove you to create the life you lived.

Give yourself a time frame to complete this legacy. I suggest one week because if the process is dragged out for too long, you'll find yourself writing a tome or possibly never finishing the project.

Begin by thinking of three values that you hold dear. For each value, think of an action, an event, or a choice you made that was based on this value.

An excellent example of leaving a legacy was presented by Professor Randy Pausch. In 2007, Pausch was forty-seven years old and he knew he was dying, so he presented what was to be his last lecture to his students. In this one-hour lecture, he inspirationally captured his thoughts on what he valued. He spoke about how he chose to live a life worth cherishing without regard to the time he had or didn't have. The Last Lecture is the book written based on this lecture.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think about writing your legacy.

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