by betty.

The Lengthening Days Ahead

19On Sunday, we had a Solstice Celebration with a group of close friends. Part of the evening included a ritual where we wrote down a word or phrase or drew a picture to honor something we hope to have more of as the days grow longer. As more light shines on our planet, we can use this energy of the sun to revitalize us, our dreams, and intentions.

My word was "connections." The plural was used because my intention is to feel more connected to all parts of myself, to my family and friends, and to my journey in whatever form that takes over the coming months.

Today, my meditation and writing time focused on what this word might mean to me. Here are some notes around these thoughts:

For good health, I want to stay connected to my body through all the regular channels of choosing good food, exercising regularly, and staying on top of medical check ups.

The words, "find your own true north," came to me as I wrote, and although I always think this is what I'm doing, I'm going to reflect on this idea. Maybe, even at my advanced age, I'm still living pieces of someone else's dream for me. These words surprised me, yet several projects I've worked on over the past several years have seemed more challenging to me than I think things should be, so I am trusting a nugget of truth rests within this short phrase for me to discover.

As you may have seen in my last post, a very close friend died suddenly on November 29th. During this period of grief, many dear friends called, wrote, and visited. People shared meals with my husband and me, talked with us about Mark, and sat with us in our sadness. We shared stories, we laughed, and we cried together. As sad and heartbreaking as this time has been, the closeness, love, support, and caring that I've felt from so many people has buoyed my spirits and greatly comforted me. These very special connections help me create the life I want to live. I guess I might say that these amazing people in my life are the fabric of my life. How fortunate and blessed I am!

These thoughts are only the beginning, I'm sure. I'll continue to keep "connections" in mind as the days lengthen and the new year awakens.

You might consider doing this ritual yourself. See what word comes to you and allow yourself to let that word reveal insights that will revitalize you over the next several weeks.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I hope you will find yourself reflected in the awe and wonder of the best this time has to offer. May your joy grow with the increased light the Sun shines down on all of us.

I send you much love and wish for you countless blessings for rich connections in all areas of your life, especially with those you love and who love you.