by betty.

The Joy of the Journey

CpwThe first steps you take on your journey of living a life of meaning, purpose, and abundance may be contemplative and tentative, wildly enthusiastic, or anything in between. What happens after that conscious, inspired, and intentional leap of faith is taken will be filled with the parts and pieces that accumulate and make up the fullness of life. 

Remember Dorothy and her yellow brick road? Just like Dorothy, when you step forward to journey as the hero of your life, you, too, among other things, will face your personal issues, your shadows, and all the demons that present themselves to distract you, derail you, and turn you toward an uninspired life of ego gratification, greed, and general complacency.

Just like Dorothy, you might set out with the best of intentions and then find yourself snoozing in the poppy fields, or doing whatever you do to numb yourself enough so that you don't remember that you had intended to express and be engaged with your soul’s true purpose. And what is your soul’s true purpose? First, to acknowledge your value and worth as a person of your time. 

The soul’s journey is part of the evolution of our shared life system. Our life system is represented by the contained universe that supports physical reality. We are alive at a specific time so that we can move consciousness forward. We play our part in the evolution of the soul by first recognizing and claiming our gifts and talents, and then by developing them and using them to make a contribution to the world. Sometimes this means we play out our contributions on the big stage as the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzaia, President Obama, and Hilary Clinton, for example, have chosen to do. Or your gifts may be needed for the benefit of a few and are offered in a home or work environment. Or they may be most helpful to the plant or animal world. You may be an artist with a very small to mid-sized audience.

No matter the size, reputation, or number of the recipients, when you offer your gifts and talents, your impact is always necessary, influential, transformational, and profound. But, in truth, the impact of your offerings is of little consequence to your soul's work. When you are on the conscious hero’s journey, your only focus should be to develop and bring forward the gifts and talents you’ve been given so that you can contribute to the world in your unique and special way.

This concept of being true to our purpose without knowing the impact of what we're doing is summed up nicely in the saying: I touch the future. I am a teacher. 

We are all teachers touching an unknown future.

Ultimately, the hero’s journey is meant to bring you to an ever increasing state of happiness. Yes, personal growth, even as the process can at times be painful, uncomfortable, or unpleasant, channels you to the true source of happiness: being able to offer your gifts and talents willingly and joyfully to the world, not for personal gain, although this is likely to occur, but rather for the benefit of others and for the betterment of the planet.

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