by betty.

The Hero’s Journey

0Do you think life is a series of random events? Do you think life has some order? Do you think you have control over none, all, a little or a fair portion of your life, of your growth, of your personal development?

The answers to these questions are not mutually exclusive, of course. Science shows us that we, our world, and our universe are all made up of systems upon systems. Yet randomness seems to play a role in all systems, too. Think about the randomness of which sperm and which egg coupled to make us the individuals, special and unique, that we are. Then consider the systematic development of that fertilized egg that culminated in that brilliantly packaged being that is you.

The system based on Jung's archetypal theories, and his teachings on the use of dream imagery, synchronicity, and symbolism as a way of understanding ourselves is one that I find helpful as a guide to bringing order into our lives and control over our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development, while still making room to accommodate seemingly random acts that affect us.

One way to look at Jung's system is through the lens of the Voyager Tarot cards and Joseph Campbell's concept of the hero's journey.

The Voyager Tarot includes, like all systems, embedded systems. The major cycle in the Voyager Tarot system is based on the twenty-two major archetypes, called the major arcana, as represented in the Voyager Tarot deck. 

The following is a paragraph from my book, The Soul of Success: A Guide to Living a Life of Meaning, Purpose, and Abundance. I hope this gives a deeper understanding of how to use both my book and the Voyager Tarot deck as part of your own hero's journey.

The general idea of the deck is that the twenty-two major arcana tell a story about a journey of self-discovery that moves from innocence to mastery. Joseph Campbell writes about this conscious path of growth through personal awareness as the mythical hero's journey. This journey begins when you decide to take a leap of faith to follow a dream or to realize a vision you may only have some inkling of. At this stage, you know you must be on your way and that something is on the horizon for you to discover, and when you do discover it, you will know a truth about yourself. You travel along, gathering allies and resources, facing demons and obstacles, leaving everything burdensome behind, and emerge with a deeper understanding of who you are. Because of this understanding, you are able to bring your gifts and talents into the world in the most beneficial way not only for yourself, but most importantly, also for the betterment of the whole world. When we express ourselves fully in positive ways, we connect with the needs of the world and become co-creators with the universe of a world of expansion, hope, and joy.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith today? What internal urges are conspiring to get you to move into the unknown territory of living a more meaningful life?