by betty.

Happy New Year!

9January, represented by that diapered baby with the 2016 banner, has crawled to center stage. New perspectives, untouched projects, fresh ideas, and novel approaches to old problems await our awakening awareness.

I hope you've set an intention or declared a theme for your year because the energy of 2016 is particularly supportive of helping us create our most meaningful and enjoyable lives. Every year has a specific energy in the Voyager System, and this year we're given the power of the Hermit archetype to boost our efforts throughout the year.

Here are some ways that Hermit energy can assist you:

If you're feeling stuck at any point in a project that's important to you, Hermit energy will help you keep your focus. To use Hermit energy to re-engage with your project, find a quiet place where you can sit and be still. Or take a walk along a tree lined path or near water. Turn off electronic devices. Sit or walk and let the sounds, sights, and scents of nature fill your senses. Pay attention to what's around you. Immerse yourself in your little spot of the world. If you can sit on the ground, or on a rock or log, this is especially helpful as you connect with yourself through the natural world. Don't try to solve your problem. Take the time to just be still.

When you feel refreshed, return to your project or problem, and allow new ideas to come to you.

You may discover that you need more information before you can continue. If this thought comes to you, explore how you can accomplish this. Do you need to take a class? Read a book? Seek out a mentor? Explore a subtopic of your issue? Find a way to have more experience with what you're working on? Whatever you need, set aside the time to do this.

With Hermit energy, you may find yourself intermittently evaluating why you're involved with whatever project you're working on or whatever problem you're trying to resolve. This important line of inquiry connects with you because Hermit energy will always push you toward doing things that are meaningful to you.

Many activities are meaningful, but we all need to discover what feeds our own souls, and then we must do those things and not clutter our lives with what is meant for someone else.

In the words of Viktor Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist, writer, and Holocaust survivor:
“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life… Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.” 

I would love to hear what you find most meaningful for yourself, or what you've decided doesn't work for you anymore. Leave a comment here.

I wish you a very meaningful, purposeful, and abundant 2016!

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