by betty.

Creative Obsession

C9Recently, several people who were frustrated with their creative projects chose Hermit's mental aspect, Narrowness, to represent something about their journey. I am one of those who chose this foreboding looking card in a reading.

Narrowness energy is about getting focused and setting priorities. When we allow ourselves to use the Nine of Crystals energy, we are given help to concentrate, to be disciplined, and to keep our resolve to follow our dreams.

With each reading, the two others and I whined a bit about how busy the holidays are or how challenging it is to get ourselves back to work after the festivities of December. I also claimed an exemption because I'm waiting to learn the results of some medical tests. How can I concentrate now!


And, while I'm not going to be judgmental or critical of how I or the others had slipped away from our creative loves, I am going to offer an example of how continued productivity can look. Models are always helpful.

This is from a blog post by Elizabeth Gilbert:

For the last 18 months (we learn only today) David Bowie has known that he was dying. He kept that information private, while spending his final months doing what he'd done his whole life — making outrageously original, beautiful, complicated art. He made a gorgeous album. He created a show, playing right now in New York. And then he released this, his final video, just a few days before he died — on his 69th birthday.

"Look up here," he sings, "I'm in heaven."

Can you imagine, to be making art like this (fearless art that both comforts and challenges) right up to the moment of your death? How do you do that? How do you BE that? To work with your death so imaginatively, in order to perfectly time out the last beats of your life? What a magnificent creature of creation, right to the end.

I am sad today, but mostly I am overwhelmed by awe. This is what it means to be a great artist.

From the beginning, this was a man who showed us how to do life differently than anyone had ever done it before, and now look how he has done death.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Inspiration, to me, is THIS.

Goodbye to the master, and onward for the rest of us.