by betty.

Connect, Express, Transcend!

Cp3The energy of love opens you to being vulnerable, transcendent, connected, and expressive.

When you bring Love energy to consciousness, you are ready to honor all of your connections. Begin by honoring and respecting the connection you have with yourself. If you don't love yourself, if you don't express your gifts and talents in a positive and generous way, and if you don't embrace how all parts of you, even those parts you might consider defects, make up the total package that is the wonderfully brilliant you, then you can't fully love another. You can't give what you don't have. 

Honoring the connection you have with the people in your life who are closest to you naturally follows. After these connections are acknowledged with love, then extend your openheartedness to those who share your community, your work life, your social life, and on out to all who share the world with you. Also remind yourself of your connection and reverence for those who have lived before you were born and those who will come after you die.

Further, respect your connection to the earth and all the elements the planet supports: plants, animals, trees, the atmosphere, the oceans, rivers, creeks, natural formations, rocks, gems, and minerals. Recognize your connectedness to the stars, the galaxy, the solar system, and everything that's both in and beyond our current understanding of space. 

With all of that ready to be embraced, it's no wonder love takes our collective breath away! 

Yet unless we acknowledge our ties to all that we're energetically connected to, which is everything, we're not fully experiencing the power of love.

Love is the energy of healing. With love, we have the power to transform anything, anyone, any situation. When love energy is active in you in a positive, conscious, aware, and enlightened way, you can heal any emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual disease, need or longing. 

At this point, you may be wondering how I'm defining healing. We all know people who didn't "heal" from a physical disease no matter how much they filled their lives with love and joy. This is because healing doesn't mean overcoming biological deterioration. The definition I'm using to speak about healing defines healing as "the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering" as taken from the article, "The Meaning of Healing: Transcending Suffering" by Thomas R. Egnew EdD, LICSW

Through love, beginning with yourself, you can change yourself. Through love, you can ultimately change the world.

Here's a musical reminder of the power of love: "The Rose" written by Amanda McBroom and sung by Bette Middler

How would you describe the healing power of love? Let me know your thoughts--share your expression of yourself here! 

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